Care and Maintenance


Charcuterie/Serving Boards

Wooden charcuterie and serving boards do require a little maintenance, but it all pays off! Here are my tips for how to clean, maintain, and condition your wooden board so it’ll last for years! 


  • Do wash your wood board by hand. If you’re serving sliced bread, you can simply wipe it off, but for moist, sticky, or pungent foods (which is most of them), you’ll need to wash and rinse it.
  • Do use mild liquid dish soap to wash your wood board.
  • Do wipe your clean wooden board dry, and let it finish by air-drying on its side.
  • Do occasionally coat with mineral oil (or other board oil) to prevent the wood from drying out. Add wood board conditioner after for an even better protection. 
  • Don’t soak a wooden board. You can submerge it in water, but only for a quick dunk. Soaking can cause the board to warp.
  • Don’t put wooden boards in the dishwasher. The excessive heat and harsh chemicals of the dish detergent will cause the wood to dry out, warp, and/or crack.
  • Don’t use harsh, concentrated cleaners on your wooden board.


Tumblers/ Cups (Glass, Acrylic, and Metal)

Proper care is required inorder to preserve the look and function of your tumbler/cup. For all glass, acrylic, and metal tumblers/cups:

  • DO handwash to use
  • DO let hot liquids cool to a safe temperature before consuming
  • DO NOT soak 
  • DO NOT use bleach products when cleaning
  • DO NOT use in the dishwasher
  • DO NOT use in the microwave. 

For glass cups, we do not recommend use with hot liquids.

Recommended heat tolerances for acrylic and steel tumblers can be found in the product listings. 



Wood Door Hangers/Exterior Signs

Your sign was made to be hung on an exterior door. We recommend that it is hung in between an exterior and storm door, or on a covered porch. Direct exposure to the elements will shorten the life of your piece. Feel free to hang it anywhere inside your home or business! To Clean, wipe lightly with a dust cloth or slightly damp cloth.


Interior Wood Signs (Room, framed, etc)

Unless specifically requested, interior signs are not made to extended outdoor use. Feel free to hang it anywhere inside your home or business! To Clean, wipe lightly with a dust cloth or slightly damp cloth.


Acrylic Signs (Business, Wedding, Decor, etc)

Your sign was made for indoor or covered outdoor use. Please handle with care. Painted signs may chip if not properly handled. Signs can be wiped with a lint fre cloth. Spot clean un-painted side with windes sprayed directly on cloth or with a lightly damp cloth. 



Your custom clothing items were made using premium quality cotton/cotton blend fabric. Wash clothes inside out on cold setting with like colors. Tumble dry on low setting.

Baby Boxes - Clothing items have not been pre-washed. Please wash inside out on cold setting with like colors prior to wearing. Tumble dry on low setting. Please enjoy them right away! Memory boxes can be used for all your baby’s keepsakes throughout the years. To clean wipe gently with a damp cloth.