Our Basmala Olivewood and resin charcuterie board/ coaster set makes a stunning addition to your entertaining arsenal.

Hand-poured black resin in the center adds a touch of elegance to the natural beauty of the Olivewood creating a one of a kind piece. The board and coaster set is adorned with the Basmala in Arabic calligraphy and English text engraved on the wood.

Dimensions: Board - 16"x9", Coaster - 4"x4" (+/- 0.5")

Set includes: 1 engraved Black and Olivewood Resin Charcuterie Board, and 2 engraved Black and Olivewood Coasters

Note: We recommend using the boards with resin for serving food. Light cutting on the wood. We do not recommend cutting on the resin. Please see the Care & Maintenance section for board care.

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